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Ron “Q” Will Fight For You!

Today, I stand before you as a conservative, and common sense, Republican candidate for Congress, humbled by the opportunity to serve and represent the great people of District 1.

In this critical election, we have a choice to make—a choice between common sense and failed policies, between principled leadership and empty rhetoric. 

As a common-sense candidate, I will bring a practical approach to solving the challenges we face. I believe in the power of individual responsibility and limited government intervention. We must unleash the full potential of our citizens by reducing burdensome regulations that stifle innovation and suffocate our economy. By cutting taxes for hardworking families and small businesses, we can stimulate growth, create jobs, and ensure a prosperous future for all.

Education is a cornerstone of our society, and I am deeply committed to providing our children with a world-class education. I believe in empowering parents with the freedom to choose the educational path that best suits their child’s needs. Parents should have the right to know what their children are learning. By promoting school choice and investing in quality education, we can equip our students with the skills and knowledge necessary to compete in the global economy. We also need to protect Parent’s rights and not allow teachers or schools to give or supply medical advice to students without informing Parents and getting their permission.

National security is of paramount importance, and we must have a representative who will prioritize the safety and well-being of our communities. I will work tirelessly to support our brave men and women in uniform, ensuring they have the resources and support they need to defend our nation. Additionally, we must secure our borders, hire more border agents and reform our immigration system, upholding the rule of law and protecting American jobs.

Healthcare is a deeply personal issue that affects every one of us. I believe in patient-centered solutions that increase accessibility, reduce costs, and put individuals back in control of their healthcare decisions. By promoting competition and empowering consumers, we can achieve affordable, high-quality healthcare for all Americans.

As someone who was born in the Philippines, I understand the value of freedom and the unique opportunities that this great nation offers. I will fight to uphold the values that make America exceptional—freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I will be a voice for our diverse community, working tirelessly to ensure that all Nevadans have an equal opportunity to succeed and prosper. It’s time to prove that Republicans are as diverse as our opponents. It is time to prove that we are a party of not just conservative values, but of empathy and compassion, as well. It is time to show that we are the party of the people, all people.

In this campaign, I pledge to listen to your concerns, engage in meaningful dialogue, and be a representative who truly represents your interests. I will be accessible, transparent, and accountable to you, the people I am honored to serve.

Together, let us embrace common sense solutions and forge a brighter future for District 1 and our great nation. With your support and trust, we can reclaim our voice, restore our values, and make a lasting impact on the lives of our fellow citizens.

Meet Ron

Meet Ron

Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Business Consultant who serves to help people create better lives and restore the glory of Nevada.

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From Taxes to State Funding to Education, Immigration and Voting Rights, Ron is speaking out for you.

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ron quince platform

Ron Q on Parental Rights


We as Americans have the right to be involved with what our children are being taught in schools.

How do we preserve our Constitution and get people to value and honor it? We have been challenged by these core questions for years. It’s time to fight for our Values.

Economy 95%
Election Reform 90%
Parental Rights 96%

Change is within our grasp

“Liberalism teaches those who have fallen behind in the economic scramble to blame others for their failure.

This attitude stimulates juices of resentment and deprives its holders of the power to change their condition”.

~David Horowitz

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Ron Quince
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Our Issues and Vision

Education Reform//Parental Rights

We must fight for education reform. Our teachers are severely underpaid. Our schools are not safe. Many schools keep eliminating programs that would benefit our students because of inadequate funding.

  1. We need to put money back into our schools, raise teacher’s salaries, get more resource guards, upgrade classrooms and install more safety features.
  2. We need to give teacher’s the tools they need to properly educate, and not allow them to indoctrinate our children.
  3. Parental Rights. Parents have a right to know what their children are being taught. We As parents, we have the fundamental right to make decisions about our children’s education. We understand that every child is unique, with their own set of talents, interests, and needs. It is our responsibility to ensure that they receive the education that aligns with their individuality, values, and aspirations.
  4. School choice is an integral part of empowering parents to make the best decisions for their children. It recognizes that a one-size-fits-all approach to education does not work for every student. We should have the freedom to choose from a variety of educational options, including public, private, charter, or homeschooling, based on what we believe will best meet our child’s needs. By protecting parents’ rights in school choice, we foster an educational environment that encourages innovation, competition, and ultimately, better outcomes for our children.
  5. We need to upgrade our school standards. Schools must be held accountable to make sure our children are achieving reasonable goals of education. Encouraging STEM education will help our future citizens to tackle tomorrow’s challenges.
  6. Equally important is the issue of parental notification when it comes to our children’s health and medical advice. As parents, we are the primary caregivers and decision-makers for our children’s well-being. It is our right to be fully informed and involved in any medical or health-related decisions that may impact our children’s lives.

By protecting parents’ rights in school choice and ensuring parent notification in matters of health and medical advice, we foster a partnership between parents and schools. Collaboration and open communication between parents and educators are essential for the holistic development of our children.

Together, we can create an education system that respects and upholds the rights of parents, supports the unique needs of every child, and strengthens the bond between families and schools. Let us stand united in advocating for the protection of parents’ rights, because when parents are empowered, our children thrive.


The economy has taken a substantial hit since this administration has taken office. Our fuel costs, our food costs have skyrocketed, The cost of fuel is not just a number on the gas pump; it has far-reaching implications for our daily lives, our businesses, and the overall health of our nation’s economy. Rising fuel prices have a cascading effect throughout our society. They increase the cost of transportation, impacting the daily commute, the movement of goods, and the viability of small businesses. As fuel costs rise, so do the prices of consumer goods, exacerbating the financial burden on hardworking individuals and families who are already facing economic challenges.

I will do the following to help bring our economy back:

  1. Stop outrageous government spending by balancing the budget and reducing deficit spending. This will eliminate the need for excessive money printing and curb inflation.
  2. Help businesses by removing unnecessary regulations, reform the permit process. We must incentivize small business to help bolster the economy.
  3. Fight for more fiscally responsible policies that will support a stable and independent monetary system.
  4. Fight to make American energy independent once again. We must support responsible development of our natural gas energy sources, Although renewable energy is important for our future, traditional energy sources are vital at this time for us to keep our economy afloat.
    It is important to emphasize that we must approach this issue with a balanced perspective. While we strive for affordable fuel, we must also remain mindful of our environmental responsibilities. We can pursue clean energy solutions without sacrificing the affordability and accessibility of fuel for everyday Americans.
  5. We desperately need to expand our energy infrastructure, upgrading our storage systems, our transmission lines throughout the country. But we cannot be in a rush to fail. Our infrastructure must be improved to accommodate a more “green” energy policy. We are not there yet.
  1. Stop the red tape that prohibits the permit and regulatory process. This has impeded our energy sources to further develop our supplies.
  1. There are ways to encourage energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption by supporting policies that give tax incentives for energy upgrades in homes, businesses and public transportation.
  1. We must invest in domestic manufacturing and diversify our supply base. This will help resolve the supply chain issues that we are currently experiencing.
  2. We need to invest in education and vocational training to ready our population for future jobs which will contribute to economic growth.

I pledge to be a tireless advocate for a strong economy and affordable fuel and food prices. I will work diligently to promote policies that foster competition, innovation, and responsible energy practices.

I will champion the interests of hardworking individuals and families who bear the brunt of rising fuel and food costs. Together, we can forge a path towards economic stability, energy independence, and a brighter future for all.

Immigration Reform

To have a free and functioning society, we must have secure borders. There is no country without borders.

Our country, our cities are not equipped to accommodate this influx of migrants. In addition, this massive migration has contributed to the rising crime in our cities. We must bring back safety and security to America.

I want to fight to make sure that we can provide a better life all of my constituents in Nevada’s Congressional District 1.

  1. We need to secure our borders, spend funds to hire more border guards, develop enhanced technology along our borders, have stricter and more reasonable immigration reform. Border security will make our streets safer and help curb much of the crime sprees that we are experiencing today. Gangs freely come across our borders contributing to our fentanyl crises, human trafficking crises and safety issues.
  1. Promote legal immigration pathways to make legal immigration more available to people who want to actually contribute to our country.
  1. We have talked about immigration reform ad nauseum throughout many administrations. However, nothing happens but committees being formed to “study” the problem, czars being appointed that don’t even visit the border.
  1. Strengthen communication between agencies such as Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs enforcement to address the drug trafficking, human trafficking and the flow of gangs, terrorists and criminals into our country through our unsecured borders.
  1. Build a wall. SO many of our leading politicians, celebrities have gated communities, security guards, fences, wall surrounding their properties to protect them from intruders. We need the same protections for our country.
  1. Enforce the law and make more stringent consequences for those people coming into this country that are here to do us harm.
  1. Revisit our previous agreement with Mexico to keep people in that country rather than send massive hoards at one time for

 It’s time to stop talking and get something done. Our country, our cities are being overwhelmed with illegal immigration. Instead of taking care of our homeless, bringing back our economy, we are supporting migrants and kicking veterans out of hotels to accommodate them. We are helping support the cartels who bring fentanyl by the pound into our country, trafficking young kids, bringing gang members and criminals to boldly just walk into our country.

When are we going to realize what is really happening and stop pretending our borders are secure. Our elected officials are destroying our country. Left wing Democrats, pushing their socialist agenda will cripple us.

It’s time we fight back. I will do just that!

Ron Quince
Ron Quince