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Your Vote is your Voice!

Although we did not experience the red wave that we had hoped for, we made major impacts in several cities and several States. Thankfully, it looks like we will control the House and implement the checks and balances that our country so desperately needs.

I believe we have also learned many lessons from these midterms. I believe that people are seeking common sense candidates and certainly not radical ones. As a party, we have, apparently, failed to communicate our message and our position clearly enough to the American people. We have to start earlier to reach the voters. Last minute messaging has failed.

The extremes on either side are not appealing to the majority in this country. In order for us to win as a nation, we need to come to an understanding of our common goals. We have much more in common than we know. We all want to end inflation, we all want to stop the crime wave across the country, we all want food and fuel prices to come down, we all want to protect parental rights, we all want National Security and we all want to protect the sovereignty of our border .It’s something we need to build on.

It’s time for a new generation of elected officials that can reach across the aisle and actually get some items on our agenda implemented though consultation and common-sense conversation. Our Republican Party has to stop infighting and unite to have any victories. If we are going to win 2024, we need to rethink our messaging and our communication. We need to be clear and put out our positions and communicate that we are a party of not only conservative values, but empathy and compassion. We need to be more understanding of what women are fighting for. Our failure to address that issue properly contributed to our losses. We need to also understand what the new generation of voters are concerned about and address those issues as well. The world is changing,  and we, as a party, as candidates must acknowledge these changes.

We need to support minority candidates and prove that Republicans are as diverse as our opponents. Let’s move forward and show our fellow Americans that we are the party of the people, all people.

Meet Ron

Meet Ron

Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Business Consultant who serves to help people create better lives and restore the glory of Nevada.

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From Taxes to State Funding to Education, Immigration and Voting Rights, Ron is speaking out for you.

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Ron’s Stand on Jobs and Business

Democratic leaders have destroyed small business in this community.

We must take back control for the citizens of Nevada.

How can we get our country back on track? How to preserve our Constitution and get people to value and honor it? All these core questions have been evolving in our minds for years. It is time to fight for our Values.

Taxes 95%
Education 90%
Immigration 85%

Change is within our grasp

“Liberalism teaches those who have fallen behind in the economic scramble to blame others for their failure.

This attitude stimulates juices of resentment and deprives its holders of the power to change their condition”.

~David Horowitz

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Our Issues and Vision


Crime in this country is out of control. Our country is long on violence and short on prisons and mental health facilities We need protection not subjection. The national crime-fest needs to be stopped and it starts at the voting booth. No more soft-on-crime politicians. We need to fund, not defund police, along with proper Police Training and reform. We are losing law enforcement officers at an alarming rate, mainly because they feel lack of support. They know that they can arrest criminals, but “woke” prosecutors give them light sentences or let them go. We need to repair Police Community Relationships through interaction and consultation.

We need stronger consequences for acts of Violence. Other countries are warning tourists about coming to the United States because of the increasing crime, just as if we were a third world country. This is what has happened since this Administration has been in power. This has got to stop. This November, help flip Nevada and this country Red!


There are ample funds in the Nevada budget to solve many issues in our communities.

The funds have been grossly mismanaged.

The elected officials here in Nevada have supported programs initiated by Biden and spent our money in other States.

Catherine Cortez Masto spent $463,000 to see if Pigeons can play slot machines.

You can’t make this stuff up. It’s too insane. They spend this States budge recklessly and vital State programs get cut as a result.

We need experienced Financial people to rectify this situation.


Until we address school safety, our education system will continue to suffer. In Nevada, in Clark County they are down almost 138 teachers. Teachers don’t feel safe and feel that they are severely underpaid.

Programs have been eliminated that would help students. We have to redistribute our state funds put money back into schools, get more resource guards and safety features in schools, raise teacher salaries and upgrade classrooms.

It is appalling that our school system is 49th in the country. But we can fix that by voting in elected officials that will fight for our kids and give teachers the tools they need to properly educate our children.

Veteran Approved!

“As President of Veterans In Politics International for the past 17 years I have seen people come and go. Ron Quince has never strayed away. Ron has always stepped up to the plate to help anyone in need.

Ron Quince is a very generous and compassionate human being that has gained my respect and confidence, that he will work diligently to place our state on the right path to success.

As a certified public accountant, Ron Quince knows how to budget our economy and will not raise taxes on Nevadans.

Respectfully Submitted By;
Steve Sanson
President of Veterans In Politics International
US Marine Corps Gulf War Veteran