Your Vote is your Voice!



Crime in this country is out of control. Our country is long on violence and short on prisons and mental health facilities We need protection not subjection. The national crime-fest needs to be stopped and it starts at the voting booth. No more soft-on-crime politicians. We need to fund, not defund police, along with proper Police Training and reform. We are losing law enforcement officers at an alarming rate, mainly because they feel lack of support. They know that they can arrest criminals, but “woke” prosecutors give them light sentences or let them go. We need to repair Police Community Relationships through interaction and consultation.

We need stronger consequences for acts of Violence. Other countries are warning tourists about coming to the United States because of the increasing crime, just as if we were a third world country. This is what has happened since this Administration has been in power. This has got to stop. This November, help flip Nevada and this country Red!



There are ample funds in the Nevada budget to solve many issues in our communities. The funds have been grossly mismanaged.

The elected officials here in Nevada have supported programs initiated by Biden and spent our money in other States.

Catherine Cortez Masto spent $463,000 to see if Pigeons can play slot machines.

You can’t make this stuff up. It’s too insane. They spend this States budge recklessly and vital State programs get cut as a result.

We need experienced Financial people to rectify this situation.


As a business owner that specializes in tax services. I have first-hand knowledge of how out of control and complex our current hidden taxes that are called fees here in Nevada’s Congressional District 1 have become, such as Tam Cards, Health Cards, Sheriff Cards just to name a few.  I support the elimination of Nevada’s’ excessive spending, earmark spending, and Governor mandates.

While the death/estate tax, capital gains tax, alternative minimum tax, and double taxation on corporate dividends do not exist in Nevada. That is what the Democrats are pushing for and I will oppose and stop this from coming to Nevada and I have 20 years of experience that has shown me how to do this!

As an Congressman I can’t stop the federal government from taxing Internet sales but what I can do is give you access to your federal officials that can!  I support a free and open Internet. I support eliminating the complex and confusing IRS code and replacing the current, burdensome tax structure with a simplified tax code.


As someone who immigrated to the U.S. legally, I am a very strong proponent that you should have to show proof of citizenship and residency at the time of voter registration. I also firmly believe you should also have to have a government issued ID at the time of voting.

I do not believe that mail in ballots are constitutional because there is no way to verify their legitimacy; however, I do support Military Absentee Ballots because they can be verified and should be counted first!

Automatic voter registration through the DMV makes no sense to me as there is currently no requirement to prove U.S. Citizenship and that is unconstitutional. Only U.S. Citizens should be able to vote!

I want to make sure that Nevada stays a partisan primary election system, for the simple fact that it makes no sense to allow members of another party to pick their opponent.


We are a Republic and we need to act that way! I believe in the 10th Amendment which protects State’s rights. Nevada needs to be free to do what is right for our state. Why should Washington DC dictate to us what we can and cannot do, especially considering Nevada was the least compensated state by the federal government, only receiving $5,469 per resident, while the federal government owns 85% of the land in Nevada!

I believe in transparency, that is why I will on day one of my term I will propose a bill that modifies the State General Fund to allow for better transparency! The State General Fund has become a slush fund that makes it impossible to track where your taxes and fees collected in Nevada are going! I will also propose a bill that calls for all state agencies that request for additional funding to also put in their proposal what other agencies they will cut from! Just like you have to balance your checkbook then so must our state government!


Aspiration, determination, hard work and the willingness to take great risks is what this great country and state represent and I am so thankful! So, I want to give that opportunity to you to provide a better life for you my constituents in Nevada’s Congressional District 1.

This country was founded on immigration but legal immigration, now the Democrats always love to quote the Statue of Liberty “Give me your tired, your poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free”.

I believe that as well but we are a land of laws and if those laws are not followed; the tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free will never be truly free, they will always be enslaved to the State Government!


Until we address school safety, our education system will continue to suffer. In Nevada, in Clark County they are down almost 138 teachers. Teachers don’t feel safe and feel that they are severely underpaid. Programs have been eliminated that would help students.

We have to redistribute our state funds put money back into schools, get more resource guards and safety features in schools, raise teacher salaries and upgrade classrooms. It is appalling that our school system is 49th in the country. But we can fix that by voting in elected officials that will fight for our kids and give teachers the tools they need to properly educate our children.