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About Ron Quince

Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management. Graduated with honors 2001. University of Phoenix.

Ron Quince, age 45 is a businessman, philanthropist, and a resident of Las Vegas since 1998. Ron was born in the Philippines and spent his childhood in California and Arizona

Ron is an accountant by trade and runs a large successful accounting business. The drive to change things for the better, inspired him to build a business that values employees above the rest. Driven by the desire to reshape norms, Ron Quince spent twenty years building his company from the ground up on the principles of equality, justice, and commitment to service.

He is also a successful entrepreneur having ownership in several businesses. Ron is a RNC Eagle, a founding member of the RNC Red White and Blue group, and a member of the Jewish Republican Coalition. In Nevada, Ron is active with the Asian Chamber of Commerce, the Latin Chamber of Commerce, the NRA,, Nevada Republican Club, and the Nevada Policy Research Institute.

Today, he wants to repay the debt… the debt he owes to Nevada and the US, the community and the country that made it possible for him to succeed.
An entrepreneur with expertise in finances and a true working man, Ron Quince is listening to what Americans really care about. He spent over two decades buried in numbers and can uncover how the government has stacked the numbers against the American People.
Ron Quince wants to bring transparency back to the government and accountability on every level. He stands to abolish excessive spending, earmark spending, mandates, death/state tax, capital gains tax, alternative minimum tax, and double taxation on corporate dividends and social security.

Ron Quince is a republican. He wants to turn Nevada into a Red state, as it once was and eliminate the State Democrat government’s oppression. Ron Quince wants to help the state regain its 10th Amendment rights. Both as the leader and advocate, he believes in transparency.

For years Ron has had the vision to bring about positive change and common sense solutions to the challenges that the Las Vegas Valley and the country faces. That’s why he is an active and generous supporter of community and faith-based organizations such as Power to Parent, City Impact Center, Living Grace Homes, and the USO.

His decision to run for the U.S Congress District 1 is based on his belief that he can help change the trajectory of this county and his beloved state of Nevada.

Ron “Q” will fight for you!

Your Vote is your Voice!

Proud Member of the Republican National Committee “RWB CLUB” Founding Member, RNC EAGLES, Nevada Republican Committee “RNC”, Keystone Corporation, Nevada Policy Research Institute “NPRI”, National Rifle Association “NRA’ , Nevada Firearms Coalition, Asian Chambers of Commerce “ACC” , & Latin Chambers of Commerce “LCC”. Leadership Member of the Republican Jewish Coalition. Proud sponsor of Troops with Paws.

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